decembrie 22, 2010

A bunch of White Lies

Spiritu-mi critic trece printr-o perioadă ce nu poate fi definită decât ca hyper-bitchy. Şi-mi pare rău pentru victimele colaterale, cum ar fi, în fapt, şi White Lies. Zilele trecute le-am văzut noul clip, preview single-ul pentru viitorul album. Melodia păstrează acelaşi ambiguu, post-punk feel, tipii nu se dezic nici la versuri, acestea păstrând acelaşi motiv al dezrădăcinării şi al dorului dramatic de casă şi masă, motiv identificabil şi în veterane precum "Farewell to the Fairground". Şi totuşi, făcând abstracţie de piesă, nu pot decât să jelesc lipsa de ingeniozitate a brain council-ului din spatele video-ului. Asemănare jenantă cu "Evil" de la Interpol- check. Tema abuzată a apocalipsei/a bolii traumatizante făr' de leac/a copilului cu conştiinţă de adult, crescut în aceeaşi creşă cu Haley Joel Osment din The Sixth Sense/a trupei mesianice- check. Întrebarea mea, de bun simţ, de altfel, este: câte videoclipuri cu muzicieni izbăvitori, puşi în situaţii cataclismice sau epidemice mai pot apărea? Pare-se că într-atâtea încât s-ar cere pentru a se depăşi numărul de clipuri cu saxofonişti senzuali din anii '90.

Compare and contrast, my friends:
(even the video thumbnails look the same.)

decembrie 01, 2010

Major discovery

A rare breed of Pokemon was found lurking in Southern Romania yesterday, Neptun TV News reports. Allegedly, the reclusive creature and its fellow kinsmen live in a colony, tucked away from all contact with other beings.

Occassionally, however, these majestic animals, pressed by hunger and exquisite taste in garments, leave their realm in order to provide for their community. Exposed to the common folk at weddings and banquets, they give mesmerizing displays of talent and skill, singing and gracefully prancing around, gulping down huge amounts of food and drinks while doing so. This is all, of course, in the noble attempt to save their race from extinction.

While away from their homeland, The Pokemon Band (as they came to be known, due to their preferred form of social organization) have adopted a sort of dandy fashion as their trademark, all in the hope of being liked by the humans. Do not be fooled though! These frocks, although highly classy, are not an authentic reflection of their beautiful, inner selves, but a mere superficial shell.

Their cultural sophistication is, perhaps, best illustrated by their various methods of social interactions and family relations. The Pokemon Band and their kin cherish the female component of their social structure above all others, as can be inferred from listening to the musical piece above. In the case of symbolical emasculation by other members of the community, the male will seek vengeance, best served in the shape of a glorious self-empowering song or ballad. Also, supremacy within this race is easily attainable: whoever produces the sappiest, most heartfelt songs is king.

Researchers, despite doting on these marvellous creatures, give a word of advice: when travelling in rural or culturally underdeveloped areas, stay alert at all times. If you, by any chance, happen to see a large, pink mass glowing in the distance, you are not delusional. It is, in fact, a herd headed your way, the most ravaging herd of them all, and if you don't run for cover, you might just get stomped by their symphonies.

octombrie 02, 2010

Wisdom of The Barn Series

These are just some weird, yet funny (or so I hope) pieces I came up with while hibernating at school. The main idea of the whole project is centred around a deranged amish woman who speaks with her friends "from the barn", namely Millie,
the tuberculosis infected calf, Jolene, her syphilitic mother, Ulysses, her pet unicorn and many, many other citizens. The main goal of my life (right now, I'm not that lame), would be to turn the soulful quotes of the barn friends into t-shirts. For weirdos to wear. And be ostracized from society. At least I'll be the first one to test them.

septembrie 06, 2010

7 Nights in Turkey

The shock is not as great as you'd think. I didn't see any women in chains. No extremists took me hostage while I was there. I might have seen an occassional 1001 Nights scene here and there, but that only added to the charm. Overall, Turkey chanted to my soul and awed me in a way I couldn't have forseen.

For a sheltered, little european, my first encounter with the oriental world was as spiritual as can be. And pretty stereotypical, while we're at it: pungent smells of spices and perfumes, volatile faith and imposing mosques, exotic sounds and babeled tongues- what you'd, by design, expect from a muslim country with a rich historical past. What I didn't see coming was the great level of european urbanization, which is most obvious in Istanbul, a modern city most deserving of the title of successor of greatness. In this respect, Turkey, an asian country with an european twist gives us, "the white people", a lesson of civilization.

august 04, 2010

A numbing of senses and time

Imersiune în trecut, subminare a instinctelor de om modern şi abandon total în faţa istoriei. Nimic mai puternic, nimic mai amplificator.

Biertan, Transilvania Fest 2010

iulie 27, 2010

Day Trip

A short, delightful trip to Sibiu, taken on a Sunday.

iulie 17, 2010

Interpol 2010

At long last, the lingering wait that confounded itself with agony has almost come to an end. Interpol's eponymous album has been scheduled for release in September this year and, from what my ears have been given as bait so far, I guarantee you- it is as promising as can be.

Unlike most bands, Interpol hasn't abandoned and disowned its signature sound, but more on the contrary- it has embroidered it into an intricate tapestry of musical empirism.

The first extract off the album, which benefitted from a futuristic video, is Lights. Constructed as a 6 minute long piece, Lights is an epic journey through the land of apprehension, doubt and uncertainty. The guitar dialogue is at its highest form, bringing subtle nuances and complementing the dark, encrypted lyrics. It retains a similar mystical feel to the one in 'Lighthouse' and 'Untitled'.

Another track that was released as an album preview is Barricade, a more melodic tune, centred around alienation, suppression and limitations. The song starts off in full gear, with a corrupting riff that sets the tone for the whole song. The drums accelerate the pace, creating the perfect environment for the convulsed lyrics to unfold in. A series of disconnected, almost cliché-like phrases slip in at the end of the song, reconfirming Paul Banks' preference for evasive enumerations. Nevertheless, it's still a mature song.

Subtlety, commitment and poise. The only thing remaining is to wait for the whole album.




iunie 30, 2010

Evocative songs

  • Air- La femme d'argent

This sophisticated track by the electronic french duo, Air, fully encompasses the complex Western-European vibe that is expected of jazzy tunes. To me it stands firm as an element of nostalgia in the memory vault, conjuring up the atmosphere of brewing, cosmpolitan cities I've visited and loved, such as Rome, Paris or Budapest.

  • The xx- Intro


I looked for it a hundred lives, after I'd heard it in a commercial on Discovery Channel. It immediately got me tangled up and since I've found it a couple of days ago, I've been listening to it like a fucking maniac! For me, it evokes artificially induced memories of distant realms, forgotten languages and mystic landscapes.

  • Aphex Twin- Avril 14th
A simple, yet intricate piano piece. The picture it paints in my mind is that of a long buried age of refinement and charm, alien to today's society.

iunie 23, 2010

Foals-Total Life Forever 2010

Quenching anticipation and calming spirits, Foals' latest album, Total Life Forever, was finally released in May 2010, much to every fan's absolute rapture. Being the successor of the already cult-established 2008 Antidotes, TLF has some mammoth shoes to fill, for sure.

One of the spotlight stealers and my personal favourite is Miami, a song some have classified as being too slow, compared to what they were used to from Foals. To some extent it is, there's no doubt about that, but as far as I'm concerned, there shouldn't be any complaints when the guitar waves are present. And when the math rock feel is present, what more could you want?

Definitely worth a listen.

aprilie 25, 2010

aprilie 07, 2010

Conceptual pieces

Interesting manipulations