iulie 17, 2010

Interpol 2010

At long last, the lingering wait that confounded itself with agony has almost come to an end. Interpol's eponymous album has been scheduled for release in September this year and, from what my ears have been given as bait so far, I guarantee you- it is as promising as can be.

Unlike most bands, Interpol hasn't abandoned and disowned its signature sound, but more on the contrary- it has embroidered it into an intricate tapestry of musical empirism.

The first extract off the album, which benefitted from a futuristic video, is Lights. Constructed as a 6 minute long piece, Lights is an epic journey through the land of apprehension, doubt and uncertainty. The guitar dialogue is at its highest form, bringing subtle nuances and complementing the dark, encrypted lyrics. It retains a similar mystical feel to the one in 'Lighthouse' and 'Untitled'.

Another track that was released as an album preview is Barricade, a more melodic tune, centred around alienation, suppression and limitations. The song starts off in full gear, with a corrupting riff that sets the tone for the whole song. The drums accelerate the pace, creating the perfect environment for the convulsed lyrics to unfold in. A series of disconnected, almost cliché-like phrases slip in at the end of the song, reconfirming Paul Banks' preference for evasive enumerations. Nevertheless, it's still a mature song.

Subtlety, commitment and poise. The only thing remaining is to wait for the whole album.




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