decembrie 01, 2010

Major discovery

A rare breed of Pokemon was found lurking in Southern Romania yesterday, Neptun TV News reports. Allegedly, the reclusive creature and its fellow kinsmen live in a colony, tucked away from all contact with other beings.

Occassionally, however, these majestic animals, pressed by hunger and exquisite taste in garments, leave their realm in order to provide for their community. Exposed to the common folk at weddings and banquets, they give mesmerizing displays of talent and skill, singing and gracefully prancing around, gulping down huge amounts of food and drinks while doing so. This is all, of course, in the noble attempt to save their race from extinction.

While away from their homeland, The Pokemon Band (as they came to be known, due to their preferred form of social organization) have adopted a sort of dandy fashion as their trademark, all in the hope of being liked by the humans. Do not be fooled though! These frocks, although highly classy, are not an authentic reflection of their beautiful, inner selves, but a mere superficial shell.

Their cultural sophistication is, perhaps, best illustrated by their various methods of social interactions and family relations. The Pokemon Band and their kin cherish the female component of their social structure above all others, as can be inferred from listening to the musical piece above. In the case of symbolical emasculation by other members of the community, the male will seek vengeance, best served in the shape of a glorious self-empowering song or ballad. Also, supremacy within this race is easily attainable: whoever produces the sappiest, most heartfelt songs is king.

Researchers, despite doting on these marvellous creatures, give a word of advice: when travelling in rural or culturally underdeveloped areas, stay alert at all times. If you, by any chance, happen to see a large, pink mass glowing in the distance, you are not delusional. It is, in fact, a herd headed your way, the most ravaging herd of them all, and if you don't run for cover, you might just get stomped by their symphonies.

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