iunie 30, 2010

Evocative songs

  • Air- La femme d'argent

This sophisticated track by the electronic french duo, Air, fully encompasses the complex Western-European vibe that is expected of jazzy tunes. To me it stands firm as an element of nostalgia in the memory vault, conjuring up the atmosphere of brewing, cosmpolitan cities I've visited and loved, such as Rome, Paris or Budapest.

  • The xx- Intro


I looked for it a hundred lives, after I'd heard it in a commercial on Discovery Channel. It immediately got me tangled up and since I've found it a couple of days ago, I've been listening to it like a fucking maniac! For me, it evokes artificially induced memories of distant realms, forgotten languages and mystic landscapes.

  • Aphex Twin- Avril 14th
A simple, yet intricate piano piece. The picture it paints in my mind is that of a long buried age of refinement and charm, alien to today's society.

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