decembrie 29, 2009


These are some videos that capture that artsy vibe that is usually the common denominator of most indie music videos. These particular ones share a sort of Pre-Raphaelite aesthetic, both in the imagery and the motifs used.

1. Wild Beasts- All the King's Men

The theme is, as it can be desciphered from watching the video, the love of women from all the seven seas. The pure, virginal and wholesome girls in the video carry a strong resemblance to the maidens portrayed in Renaissance paintings, most notably Boticelli's and are the object of proverbial fascination. Although "All the King's Men" doesn't really have a plot or a story, just a couple of maidens dancing around in forests and carrying torches and branches, it is still a pretty piece to watch. + beautiful colours

2. Delphic-This Momentary

The romanticized themes and motifs are replaced by an honest portrayal of life in the former communist contry, Ukraine.

3. Jack Penate- Pull My Heart Away

It is an attempt at an artistic piece. It has the vintage look to it and it tries its best to be different. Good, but not extraordinary.

4. Florence and the Machine- Rabbit Heart

Again, the stereotypical Renaissance maidens. This time the influences can be traced back to greek-roman antiquity and the legendary banquets thrown by them. The traditional symbols of Bacchus (wine, grapes) are present, alongside traditional Pre-Raphaelite ones, such as naturalistic elements (flora, grass, rivers)

5. Mew- Introducing Palace Players
An unconventional video. The motifs do not tie together in the same spectrum of meaning. The colours are mainly from a dark and cold palette, but nevertheless entertaining for the eye.

6. Noah and the whale- 5 Years Time

Exploits the small English village theme in full force. The manner of directing is similar to others, as far as the colours are concerned. Same old film sortta look as in Jack Penate's "Pull My Heart Away".

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